Sky Canyon & Associates

Have a great writing project, yet frustrated with your skills?

Ready to make it a lot better? Not just good, but GREAT?




If big writing is up for you – a novel, non-fiction book, or screenplay – I would love to help you elevate your work:

  • A review of your writing and/or concept – highlight your strengths/weaknesses;

  • Immediate ways to elevate your work;

  • Valuable, practical advice about defining and reaching your market.


What clients say:


"Your suggestions for my storyline were fantastic! I rode the wave of appreciation for the rest of the day! Sky provides exceptional creativity, clarity and acumen! - GL, Boulder


"Sky blends surgical precision and an amazing eye for detail with a tremendous ability to 'grok' the big picture – a strategic thinker AND a pleasure to work with!" - JD, Boulder


"With innovative and balanced mentoring, Sky brings a courageous 'out of the box' mindset: Bold, imaginative, experienced and filled with a rare degree of emotional intelligence." – GM, San Francisco

Why work with me:

  • Former president and publisher of international bestsellers at New World Library with millions of books in many languages;

  • Editor of bestselling books / published author / former literary agent;

  • Writer and editor of numerous business and marketing materials;

  • Feature film screenwriter (and Pro Series Alumni);

  • Coach/consultant to businesses and artists for over 35 years;

  • I LOVE guiding authors and helping them elevate their work.

Is 2023 YOUR year for Great Writing? Elevate your writing by LEAPS AND BOUNDS:

This 90-minute in-depth consultation is normally $375. You'll send me a sample of your writing and what you want to achieve.


If you would like to elevate your writing, contact me: • 303-499-8998 or 303-809-5395 cell

I look forward to supporting YOUR impactful, make-a-difference writing.

Warmest regards,

Sky Canyon