Sky Canyon & Associates



If you are starting a business or artistic venture, or are in the midst of development, changes, challenges and growth, I'll help you navigate through difficulties, make wise decisions and grow your venture to success.


How You Can Benefit:

  • All the practical stuff you must know about starting, running and building your venture;

  • Get the answers you need - from real world experience, not theory;

  • Build confidence when you don't know what you don't know;

  • Balance your vision - the 40,000-foot view - with action (on the ground) - and personal life (why you're doing this).


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Why Me?

I've done it, many times: Since 1979 I’ve run a number of companies with international reach and success (see the “ABOUT” page) and advised even more companies across many industries, along with artists of all kinds. I've learned from mistakes (mine and others), legal challenges, opportunities and successes. Clients have included authors, artists, health professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors, musicians, CEOs and world-class geniuses. Many have considered me their “trusted advisor and confidant,” as I am equally at home in the pure artistic environment and at the boardroom table with CEOs, having the experience and skills to live in both worlds for decades. Plus I'm fun. I am that guy who “has your back,” as you attempt to make numerous decisions about, well, everything, and I bring tremendous resources to assist you. 


Every project, every company, every artistic endeavor is “an orchestration of the right elements to create a seamless integration of vision, game plan and action. Business is to be accomplished with the elegance of beautiful music that is well produced. It provides in-the-moment fulfillment, enjoyment, and a lingering experience of joy. It is the stuff of exquisite relationships, transcendence and poetry. Can we bring this into our work and business lives? By holding this higher expectation in our consciousness, we can accomplish this.”


First, we discuss - a free 20-minute consultation:

I want to know what makes you tick, if I believe I can help you, AND if you believe I can help you. Everything is confidential. No obligation, no sales pitch, no hustle. I don't need new clients, I've got plenty of my own projects. However, where it is a great fit, I enjoy helping to propel terrific people forward. 


If you'd like to schedule a conversation, message me here: CONTACT